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Kneehigh Rambles

Pass it On: £14

Buy an extra ticket and share the excitement of a Kneehigh show with someone who wouldn't otherwise be able to attend a performance.

This Summer we want to give 300 young people and adults the chance to have an Asylum experience.

We are joining forces with mental health organisations, charities and community groups to offer seats to people who could benefit from having a little Kneehigh in their lives.

If you would like to Pass it on, please add a Kneehigh Rambles donation to your basket!

Kneehigh Rambles Qty @ £14.00 each

Kneehigh Asylum 2019 Programme

Pre-order your Asylum Programme now, collect it with your wristbands from the Box Office and save time on the door!

Kneehigh Asylum 2019 Programme Qty @ £3.50 each


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Telephone Booking is available Mon – Sat, 12pm to 5pm

Company number 1792824, VAT reg number 230 1131 82.
Kneehigh is a registered charity number 290218 and is supported by Arts Council England and Cornwall Council.

Production Photography: Steve Tanner

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