Kneehigh Shows

Kneehigh's Ubu!

Kneehigh Asylum, Carlyon Beach, Cornwall

15 Aug - 1 Sept

Tues - Sun 7.30pm

A Singalong Satire

Conceived by Carl Grose, Charles Hazlewood and Mike Shepherd

Created by the Company

Based on the play by Alfred Jarry

We all know King Ubu. That deranged dictator we all love to hate.

Impossibly greedy, unstoppably crude, inexorably daft and hell-bent on making the country great again!  

Sound familiar?

Based by Alfred Jarry’s riot-inducing masterpiece, Kneehigh will let rip with their own version of theatre’s most anarchic creations – KING UBU.

Expect world-class buffoonery in this deliriously unhinged improvised promenade musical (surely the first of its kind!). Featuring some of the most iconic anthems of our times, given a fresh rub for their money by a belting Kneehigh band, plus an extraordinary choir of extras – you! – we guarantee this will be a rocking, rollicking riot of ridiculousness that you won't forget.

He’ll rise! He’ll reign! Only together will we make Ubu fall!

"The show simmers delicately on the edge of chaos This is Kneehigh going back to their roots as exuberant physical performers and it is both joyous and immensely skillful"

The Financial Times ★★★★

“It’s a big joyous buttock squeeze of a show that at a time when humanity appears to be riven from itself brings us back together in riotous laughs, hearty singalongs and even party games (albeit militia-based party games).” Cornwall Live ★★★★★

"A perfect blend of slapstick, pertinent politics and fist-in-the-air singalong. Rousing, riotous stuff!" - Mark Kermode

Please note: During this performance you will be up on your feet and free to wander, leave your phones on, go to the bar and sing as loud as you can with the rest of the audience.

Running Times: 120 Minutes

Friday 23 Aug 201919:30
Saturday 24 Aug 201919:30
Tuesday 27 Aug 201919:30
Wednesday 28 Aug 201919:30
Thursday 29 Aug 201919:30
Friday 30 Aug 201919:30
Saturday 31 Aug 201919:30
Sunday 1 Sep 201919:30


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Telephone Booking is available Mon – Sat, 12pm to 5pm

Company number 1792824, VAT reg number 230 1131 82.
Kneehigh is a registered charity number 290218 and is supported by Arts Council England and Cornwall Council.

Production Photography: Steve Tanner

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